AIT Seminar Fort Collins

AIT’s Kate McSwain and Garrett Kling offered a full-day seminar to over 30 skaters in Fort Collins, CO this past October. The skaters spent time exploring new body movement on and off the ice through AIT’s curriculum. Take a look at some of the photos of the time below!




American Ice Theatre performs at 2018 U.S. Open

American Ice Theatre performed an emotional and poignant piece entitled “Doomed” at the 2018 U.S. Open in Orlando, FL May 23. Choreographed by Kate McSwain and performed by Katie Lynn King, Izzi Gorowsky, Amanda Evora, Emily Sanders, Katy Garrity, Carrigan Benoit, Sarah France and Victoria Craw.

The skaters learned this entire piece in 48 hours beforehand. They received high marks from the judges including a 10.0 from Paula Trujillo.


AIT performs in the U.S. Open

American Ice Theatre Boston performed in the 2017 U.S. Open in Nashville, TN on May 23.

Performing to “Promise” by Ben Howard, the piece created by AIT Boston’s Kate McSwain explained the theme of the piece as “in life there are those moments where someone or something slips through your fingers. It can be sudden or it can be slowly over time, but it’s always painful. This piece explores that emotional journey.”

The ensemble includes (from left to right) Robert Mauti, Victoria Craw, Ashley Wyatt, Garrett Kling, McSwain (choreographer), Stephanie Chace Bass, Meg Lamarre, Sean Marshinski, Su Wagner-Jackson, Liz Schmidt.

Stay tuned for more photos and video of the event! 

AIT Presents First Ever American Artistic Skating Festival

Boston —- American Ice Theatre (AIT), a contemporary ice dance company, is pleased to announce its first annual American Contemporary Skating Festival June 10-11. The event, held at the Veterans Memorial Ice Rink in Somerville, MA, will be a gathering place of over 40 professional skaters, coaches and choreographers passionate about expanding the art form of skating.

This event is a platform for choreographers and skating artists to share their own philosophies and learn from their colleagues,” said Kate McSwain, AIT Boston Co-Director and event organizer. “We are creating an open space environment for all artists to have their voice heard.”

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American Ice Theatre in Urban Pic Skate Competition

American Ice Theatre’s Anna Cobb & Garrett Kling perform & skate in “I Like the Way you Walk”

They are entered into a chance to win $750 and the top prize in the 2014 Urban Pic Skate Contest.

You can vote by liking their video on Pic Skate’s Facebook page and sharing it with your friends!