ACSFest 2018

35201887_10100675637065431_1244078186849894400_nWHOA. What a weekend!

I can honestly say that this time together was one of the most enriching moments of my skating life. There is something sacred about 60 people coming together, letting down barriers and vulnerabilities, and sharing space in harmonious movement on our favorite medium — the ice.  Continue reading


AIT Presents First Ever American Artistic Skating Festival

Boston —- American Ice Theatre (AIT), a contemporary ice dance company, is pleased to announce its first annual American Contemporary Skating Festival June 10-11. The event, held at the Veterans Memorial Ice Rink in Somerville, MA, will be a gathering place of over 40 professional skaters, coaches and choreographers passionate about expanding the art form of skating.

This event is a platform for choreographers and skating artists to share their own philosophies and learn from their colleagues,” said Kate McSwain, AIT Boston Co-Director and event organizer. “We are creating an open space environment for all artists to have their voice heard.”

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